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Refrigerator Maintenance Tips

refrigerator service visitsYour refrigerator is one of your most important - if not the most important - household appliance you have. If your refrigerator starts acting up, you might find yourself in a real bind. There are several things you can do to help avoid those unexpected refrigerator repair calls at odd hours. By properly maintaining the appliance and having your appliance repairman perform regular refrigerator service calls, you can save yourself a lot of grief.  

There are a few quick tasks that you can perform to make sure your refrigerator stays running as good as new. By checking these things out regularly, or having regular refrigerator service visits, you can improve your appliance's longevity.  

  • Make sure your refrigerator door seals are properly sealing and don't need replacing.  
  • Make sure the coils are kept clean.  
  • Set the refrigerator temperature between 37 and 40 degrees Farenheit with the freezer set at 0 degrees.  
  • Make sure you fill it up. You may not know that refrigerators need items in them so they will keep lower temperatures. By having cool drinks and foods inside, any warm air that seeps in when the door is opened gets absorbed. If you eat out more than you eat in, put in some jugs or water or bottled drinks to help take up space and keep your refrigerator working.  
  • Stay prepared for a power outage. If the power goes off, keep the refrigerator doors closed. If the refrigerator stays closed your food will stay safe for consumption for four hours. A full freezer will keep its temperature for up to 48 hours, but if the freezer is only half full it maintains its temperature up to 24 hours.  

If you notice your refrigerator is not working up to par or if it seems to be running warm, call your refrigerator service team to check it out. Oftentimes, they can address the problem before a major refrigerator repair is deemed necessary. You don't want to wait until your appliance completely stops working and you are facing the risks of being without a refrigerator for several hours and all your food spoiling.  

When it comes to refrigerator repair in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties, you can count on the team at All 国产a在线不卡片,神马午夜. Call us today at (850) 696-2559 to discuss your appliance needs. Our technicians have undergone extensive training and are licensed and insured.  


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